What we do

Community Learning Program

Through The North West Melbourne Community College The Centre delivers short courses and activities throughout the year for people of all ages and backgrounds, promoting learning, connectedness and belonging.

Community Events and Initiatives.

Community forums and exhibitions, community morning teas and lunches, social action and other initiatives promoting community involvement and awareness of current issues and opportunities.

Adventures Program.

Fun and friendly activities that provide opportunities for learning, interaction, sharing and mutual support.

Home Away From Homework Club.

Our ‘best practice’ program offering tutored after-school hours homework support to primary and secondary school children.

Errol’s Angels

North and West Melbourne’s own Community Choir

Volunteer Program.

Over 200 volunteers make our programs and activities possible.

The North and West Melbourne News.

Our long-running broadsheet newspaper with over thirty years of continuous publication, with four editions each year. Produced entirely by volunteers.


The Spring Fling Festival
A free and inclusive community event in October each year. A celebration that brings together the whole of North and West Melbourne, to celebrate the richness and diversity of the local community.

The Spanish Language Fiesta
A free and inclusive community event in April each year event celebrating the richness of the Spanish language and culture

Shop Front Drop-in and Community ‘Help Desk’.

Drop in for information, referral and support.