About Our Club

Home Away From Homework Club (formerly Global Homework Program) provides learning support to assist in developing young people’s confidence and helping them socially and academically to participate in school in a more meaningful way. The club focuses on literacy, numeracy, homework support and study skills.

The club commenced in 2005 with a handful of keen students and has grown into a premier community program helping many children of all ages and backgrounds.

It is also loyally supported by a large and dedicated team of volunteer tutors.

Our new logo was designed to truly reflect the nature, values and aims of the tutoring support service we provide to students.

The name refers to the atmosphere of the club…warm, safe, welcoming, friendly and supportive.
The circle represents that learning is never ending and that all are joined in learning
The house represents the home/library/community space where learning is supported
The book indicates the emphasis on learning and the library environment
The hand represents the care of children in the community (in safe hands, a helping hand)
The colours … orange is a sunrise for awakening, renewal, hope and joy …green is for action (go), the environment and sustainability principles